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Carl bledsoe horsemanship

Classical horsemanship training for the horse and rider of all disciplines. 

Specializing in Gaited Horse Breeds


Classical Horsemanship Training & Clinics


Although Carl's background consists mainly of gaited breeds, he works with all breeds and disciplines and focuses on building relationships through understanding, compassion and empathy and approaches each horse as an individual. Rather than shortcuts or gimmicks, he believes in classical training with a true understanding of the biomechanics of the horse as well as the rider and how it relates to proper self-carriage in order to have a mentally and physically balanced horse.  

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Carl and Tammy host clinics at their farm in Georgia but also travel to other farms and facilities to help strengthen the foundation of skills between the horse and rider. Carl conducts various types of clinics consisting of general horsemanship, trail safety, obstacles and gaited specific clinics focusing on signature gait recognition for all gaited breeds, finding the feel, proper self-carriage, rein coordination and relaxation.

If you are interested in attending or hosting, please contact Carl & Tammy for more info.