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Carl bledsoe horsemanship

Classical horsemanship training for the horse and rider of all disciplines. 

Specializing in Gaited Horse Breeds


Classical Horsemanship Training & Clinics


Carl trains the horse and the rider of all breeds and disciplines. 

 He has a  background in dressage and he educates on understanding your horse and communicating through finding the feel of your equine partner .

Carl Bledsoe is a 3rd generation horseman. What he is best at is bringing a horse and rider together with a better understanding of each other and always teaching from the horse's perspective.

Carl is highly recommended by Master Horseman, Gary Lane of Kentucky.

"Just Gait"


At MadiLaney Ranch, Carl and Tammy host clinics. These clinics help strengthen the foundation of skills between the horse and rider. Carl specializes in the gaited horse and hosts many clinics focusing on understanding the gait, finding the feel, rein coordination, canter work, trail safety, and much more. If you are having trouble understanding your gaited horse, are looking to advance your partnership with your horse, or have any questions, please contact Carl or his wife, Tammy, today. 

Carl also travels to do Gaited Horsemanship Clinics  all over 

the United States.

Please contact them asap as their schedule books up quickly in 2019 for clinics on the road.  

What our customers are saying

Wow! From our very first session with Carl, I saw positive results and noticeable improvements on my green-broke mare. While sharing his insights, experience and vast knowledge of  horses and horsemanship, Carl has a rare gift for explaining things in ways that not only  give me a deeper understanding of concepts and techniques, but the insight to be able to apply this knowledge in practical ways to address the specific issues and challenges my horse and I experience. We both look forward to our sessions with Carl & Tammy.  In a relatively short period of time, Carl has brought us to a vastly improved level of understanding, trust and confidence. My "green" horse is now a horse of a different color.

Janie Anderson

Mangold Ranch Versatility