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Carl bledsoe horsemanship

Classical horsemanship training for the horse and rider of all disciplines. 

Specializing in Gaited Horse Breeds



We now offer rehab for your four-legged friends that are recovering from an injury and/or surgery and for those that have  had an extended time off without being ridden or worked, we will begin a strength training regimen targeting specific muscles and teaching  proper self carriage to ensure your friend is tip top shape  before hitting the trails.

What our customers are saying

I met Carl and Tammy in 2016 and shortly after, purchased my first horse. Carl has an uncanny ability to read not only horses, but people as well. That gift makes him an effective trainer who not only has the welfare of the horse as paramount, but safety of the horse's rider as well. Many lessons later, the classical training that I have had with Carl and Tammy reaffirmed the good and bad in me and taught me that the relationship between me and my horse is built on trust and communication. Sage and I would not be where we are today without the tireless, patient teaching of Carl and Tammy and I am looking forward to many lessons to come.