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Carl bledsoe horsemanship

Classical horsemanship training for the horse and rider of all disciplines. 

Specializing in Gaited Horse Breeds


Horsemanship Lessons

I like to help my riders understand that you can complicate things to the point that a horse is never able to draw the conclusion he needs to where he feels confident, comfortable and safe all at the same time. In most cases, less is more. Often times, most riders expect too much too soon. The horse has to know in his mind that you are there for him and he has to be pain free to perform for the rider. It's my job to help people understand and help them connect the dots to have a fit horse both mentally and physically.  Whether you ride English or Western, we can help you because being correct doesn't have a discipline.

Private Lessons

Private lessons focus on specific needs of the individual and horse. These lessons last an hour @ $60 per hour

Group Lessons

Group lessons consist of  4 or more  for 2 hours and are $75  per horse and rider. 

Training Lessons

Training lessons consist of a more comprehensive look at each horse's specific gait, locomotion and balance.  These sessions are geared toward the rider looking for more refinement on the ground and in the saddle.  These lessons are a minimum of 2 hours @ $75 per hour.