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My name is Carl Bledsoe and I'm a third generation horseman. I believe in training horses from the horse's perspective. I have never believed in a one size fits all approach. Even though I work with all breeds, I am most passionate about the gaited breeds. Having a lifetime of experience working with the gaited breeds, I have a clear understanding of the locomotion specific to each type of gaited horse. I believe in training from the back to the front of the horse and training the horse biomechanically.

Through clear communication and an understanding of the elements of a training scale, I have gained success at, "Helping the horse get the best from their rider and the rider get the best from their horse."

I work closely with internationally known Gaited Horseman, Gary Lane, traveling around the country conducting Gaited Horse Clinics. I am blessed to have made many wonderful friends all over the country and would love to help many more experience the best of their horse.



Carl Bledsoe has 40​ years experience and brings a we​alth o​f​ knowledge to the gaited horse breeds. He is a second generation trainer of champion and world champion Tennessee Walking Horses which he has since moved away from. Carl is now an advocate for the sound TWH and other gaited breeds and has declared, "I choose the horse". His past is a key component in who he is today and has helped mold and shape him into the horseman he has become. He now works with all breeds and disciplines and he and his wife, Tammy, have made it their life's mission to speak out against the mistreatment and misconceptions of the TWH and bring awareness to this amazingly talented and tolerant breed as well as all of the other gaited breeds. 

Carl believes in education and understanding by having compassion and empathy for the horse: not 'training' but rather building relationships and approaches each horse as an individual and asks himself "What's in it for the horse?". Rather than shortcuts and gimmicks he believes in classical training with a true understanding of the biomechanics of the horse as well as the rider and how it relates to proper self-carriage. Without proper self-carriage, you will not have a physically and mentally balanced horse and will not be able to achieve correct gait.

Carl and Tammy conduct clinics and attend expos sharing his story of his progression from the show ring to teaching with the best interest of horse and rider as his primary focus in the hopes of someday proving just how wonderful and versatile these amazing creature really are.



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